Paintball antibes

Paintball is a superb outdoor sports activity that allows you to develop

Strategist : an outdoor role-playing game
Coming straight from scripted Paintball, we developed a unique concept between video games and real action. The players organize on an 18,000 m2 terrain in a realistic environment, with multiple caches and obstacles. Thanks to our state-of-the-art high-end equipment, Warrior Paintball develops new game scenarios where strategy, tactics and team spirit are the key factors. Whether it is an outing with friends or a team company building exercise, the Warrior Paintball experience pushes the limits of the individual and collective.

Warrior Paintball immerses you in an environment where everyone must work for a common goal, combining athletic performance and collective strategy.
Each game is an adrenaline rush that allows you to work out while working with players in unpredictable circumstances.
We encourage
teamwork and mutual respect and are against the promotion of violence.

At the heart of the action
A real community
Whether it is an outing with friends or a company team building exercise, Warrior Paintball Antibes experience brings together a real community of enthusiasts who are growing and becoming stronger day by day. Each player is directly involved in the organization and progress of the games by choosing the different missions and game scenes themselves.

Get up
With determination
Go to sleep
With satisfaction