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With friends or family, there is nothing better than an activity where all ages can have fun. We welcome children from 7 to 12 years old with suitable launchers.
starting at 25€
Come celebrate an incredible birthday with Warrior Paintball Antibes. Do you want to host a special surprise for a birthday? Give a day of Paintball!
starting at 25€
Come and spend a fun-filled moment with friends thanks to the "rabbit hunting" scenario. Paintball is a popular activity for bachelor ...
starting at 30€
Are you looking for an activity combining communication, teamwork and fun? Paintball is the ultimate activity to motivate and inspire your troopsteam ...
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In Paintball, the most important factor is the team!
Paintball gives students an opportunity to get to know each other ...
starting at 20€
Come with your own equipment! If you are a beginner or confirmed player and equipped with Paintball equipment, we offer you a price including access ...
starting at 15€

Our golden rules

securité warrior paintball antibes

Wearing a mask is mandatory on the playing area.

Never leave the playing area without the plug at the end of the barrel.
No shooting within 5m and no physical contact is tolerated.

All protective equipment is made available on site and our guides will follow you throughout the game. Accidents related to the practice of Paintball are very rare and usually due to non-compliance with safety rules.

Non-compliance with the rules will result in immediate and final exclusion, without possibility of refund.

How to become

a real warrior ?

  1. The key is to communicate with your team members to strategically move forward while always staying under cover.
  2. Maintain a squafng or ground level position to avoid the balls but crawl only if necessary since it will be more difficult to move.
  3. Don’t forget that the paintballs lose height and speed during their flights, therefore, its best to aim lightly in the trajectory of your opponents to maximize your chances of hiting them.
  4. Be stealthy in your movements and avoid being spotted by your opponents. Communication with your team must be done in silence, we recommend hand signals.
  5. When you are hit, put your safety cap on and keep your launcher up so you do not get shot. Leave the field or return to your base according to the game mode.

Do you want to organize an original event?

We are open for all special requests and can develop specific activities and themes for you.

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